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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Killian’s in for a surprise.

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OUAT cast between the scenes ~ Season 3.A

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My problem isn’t that my favorite characters aren’t real;

it’s that I’m not fictional.

I don’t want them to be real.

What I desperately wish is that I could be fictional with them.

It’s not that I want them here with me in this mundane and ordinary world;

it’s that I want to join them in their extraordinary one.

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Disliking a ship is okay, disliking somone is okay, but disliking someone because of a ship is not. We are all adults or young adults here, and we are still throwing rocks at each other as if we were still in kindergarden. 

I know there’s assholes everywhere spreading hate, but sometimes there is misundertandings and the anger grows and grows.. 

So if you can just respect some basics rules :

  • Tag your ships so everyone’s dash can be perfect. You’ll also avoid unfollows.
  • Don’t tag your opinion on a ship with the ship’s name if this opinion contains insults, hate, or angry comments.
  • You can tag it when you have a question towards the shippers of another ship, and you just want a discussion. 

Other basics rules kind of off topic but still important :

  • Don’t send hate to the cast or the writers because you don’t agree with the show. Adam answers kindly if the question is also kind.
  •  Don’t send hate. Ever. To anyone.

In fact, you can even try to have a talk with other shippers, send nice things. Start your ask by “I’m a [ship name] shipper, and I [question/compliment]”. And why not also add “#StopShipWars" on twitter and send nice tweets to each other ?

Just try, okay ?

Love you all ♥

- Maryne.

(ps : sorry I couldn’t put every ships in there, first because jeez there’s too many, and also because drawing puzzle pieces is a pain in the ass :D)

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in which hook watches ‘real housewives’ and ends up with a few questions

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Be careful with your kindness. [x]

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